About us



Created near the end of 2005, FDI Automatismes SCCL is a work associated cooperative composed by tecnicians with wide experience in design and construction of electrical installations and industrial machinery.

We are located in Martorell, Baix Llobregat county, Barcelona province. Here are our office and workshop. 

FDI Automatismes technicians are highly skilled in several branches of the industry so our team is formed by electrical technicians, instrumentation technicians, design and maintenance of industrial hardware specialists, computer technicians, programmers and web designers.

In summary, FDI Automatismes is dedicated to the industry in terms of: repair and maintenance of industrial hardware,  design and construction of new electrical installations, to perform field instrumentation calibrations, technical advice in multiple industry areas. FDI is also dedicated to ICT services in terms of: new installations of computer equipment and networks, repair of computer equipment, web page design and programming and technical advice in all fields of computer science